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TV Review: Bitten 1x03: Trespass

Oh, no! Two episodes too soon to tell! Just kidding. The first two episodes of Bitten I loved, but I didn't really like this third episode. It became a little too boring and not exciting enough. So, I was bored much through the episode, but next week will be better.

Elena & Clay are spot on people!

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We leave off with another victim of the mutt on the Danvers property and it's a kid! So the pack is more than ready to find this mutt. We have Elena and Clay going into town into every bar to try to find this mutt. And we do get some short and sweet Clay and Elena scenes. Clay being jealous that Elena has somebody back home. And I feel for you Clay! I would totally choose you over Phillip any day of the week! And also right before Elena goes into the bar Clay says Elena looks perfect.

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In this episode, Elena is still having her problems with being a werewolf. Sometimes I'm at that point where I want to smack her and tell her to get over it. It's like she thinks it just happened. It's been years. I know eventually she'll deal, but I want her to deal now! When she can't deal, she runs away from her problems. Exactly what she did in the end of the episode. I know that eventually that she will come to terms that she is a werewolf and what needs to be done and accept who she is, but I hope it comes soon.

No! I wasn't ready for his death yet!

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I think the best part of this episode was the mutt attack in the club. Starting with Elena threatening the mutt and him beginning to change in the club and the mutt in shifter form attacking everyone. It. was. awesome. unfortunately in this episode, a member of the pack dies. I know it was coming, but that doesn't make that easier to deal with. Pete died and it sucks, because it was such an awesome character. He made me smile a lot! It won't be the same in the pack without him.

Just stop! We have a Phillip storyline?

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Seriously? I have to admit, the Phillip stuff with Elena in the first episode was hot, but now that I have Clay in my life, it's like, no more Phillip! I just want more Clay! The Phillip scenes were alright, there were some that didn't really pertain to the story that I didn't get, like his business deal. But yea, I guess we get more Phillip screen time. And BTW, by-the-way, I DID NOT like Elena coming on and immediately jumping on him. UGH!

Clay, Take it off, baby! Take it off!

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  1. I know how it ends bit I'm tired of her being stupid. Had she not hesitated it wouldn't have cozy so many lives. Ugh I can't wait until the next one. Clay All the way!###

  2. Yea, me too. It drives me nuts, I want her to grown up. I mean I would understand if she had just been turned, but it's been a while. Maybe if there wasn't a week long wait for the episodes maybe I"d feel differently. Haha! But! Totally! Clay all the way! I Just wanna see more of his nakedness!!! =)

  3. Have you read the book? So far the show is pretty close to the book. A few details are different but that is to be expected.