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TV Review: Bitten 1x01: Summons

I have read Bitten by Kelly Armstrong and when I found out this was getting a TV Show I was excited! I didn't get to watch it right away, but after watching the first episode, Summons, I think I may be hooked. First off, I am so happy HBO didn't get this series. I didn't want to face another disaster that was True Blood, with all the sex, sex, sex and phony scenes/acting. I am so glad that Syfy was the one that picked this masterpiece up. Thank god.

Did they cast they right actors?

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I am semi-happy with the casting. I mean, I haven't really seen enough episodes to really say if I am or not. Like other Book to Tv adaptions, I was immediately happy with Vampire Diaries. But with Bitten, almost no one looked how I pictured them. Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels? After seeing her, I can work with that. She was perfect. I know her from other TV Shows and I am a fan of her. I can't wait to see more of her portrayal of Elena. I think she has done a fantastic job for just one episode.

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Now Clay. I am 100% disappointed. He.is.not.hot. I just wish they picked a guy a little more good-looking, just a tad. But it all boils down to how he interacts with Elena and if I can feel that connection. But it was only one episode and I barely seen much of him, so, we'll see. Almost the same thing with Greg Bryk who plays Jeremy Danvers. I got enough of him where I'm convinced that he's definitely a great Jeremy. But I also pictured him looking different. But, I know that we don't always get who we picture while reading the book.

What worked and what didn't?

Things that I loved. I'm glad we still get a bit of nudity, I like a little bit of sexiness in my tv shows right off the bat. And the violence and blood part of the show was fantastic. Bravo! What I didn't dig so much was the actual wolf transformations or the wolves, I'm not a fan. No surprise, because on TV shows where they have werewolves, I haven't come across one where they did the whole wolf transforming justice.

Oh, and the fact that they totally screwed over Elena & Clay's reunion scene. The book line was epic. “Are you the welcoming committee? Or has Jeremy finally chained you up to the front gate where you belong?” They one they used was, "You’ll have to do better than that if we are tracking a mutt."


  1. I watched the first episode and it was just okay for me, but the series is still unread and currently on the next pile. I like werewolves stories, but Clay was a little weird.

  2. For me I"ve only read the first book, so I need to finish the series as well. I really need to get more episodes and storyline to get a real opinion overall. =)

  3. I haven't read the books nor have I seen the series but I agree with the dude
    Hes not hot. He looks feline with his nose or.is that special effects make up?

  4. Now that you mention that he look feline I really see it in that animated gif up there. I always expect any love interests in any book/movie to be somewhat hot, have a good looking quality to them. Maybe he'll get hotter when he's naked. LOL

  5. I think the TV series stands well enough on its own and I didn't expect it to perfectly mirror the book so I'm not disappointed by some of the changes. I was really hoping Clay would have a Southern drawl and I'm not a huge fan of Jeremy either but time will tell! Either way, I'll probably stick this one out until the end because there's werewolves and I love Kelley Armstrong.

  6. I'm quickly becoming a fan. Episode 2 and I can already tell I"m addicted! I think at first, you expect some things, well I did anyway. But I"m really happy with the outcome. I didn't expect to really wanna devour this show and I now I am totally wanting to devour it. I'm looking forward to more. =)