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Day 2: Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

Here we are again for Parajunkee’s New Year Challenge. So, it's Day 2 now, which is the pros & cons of blogging. This one I had much trouble with. I didn't have a super long list.

Day 2: Your Pros & Cons of Blogging


Book Blogging Pros

  1. Connecting with book lovers.

  2. Ability to read favorite authors before release.

  3. Blogging about your love of books.

  4. Having fun with it all.

Book Blogging Cons

  1. Takes a lot of time.

  2. When you get no comments.

  3. The Drama included.

  4. When reading becomes a chore.


  1. I agree with the "when reading becomes a chore." I have always and will always love reading but there definitely are times when I'm just not in the mood to be reading a particular book.

    ~April @ Once Upon a Coffin

  2. Ah I hate the feeling of disappointment from no comments. It's such a shame that internet users are so shy of commenting when bloggers love them so much! It does make me really appreciate it when someone does eventually comment though :)

  3. Having fun with it all! Yes! I need to remember that. I also hear you on the other stuff. Reading was never a chore, but sitting down to write stuff sometimes becomes one.

  4. UGH, I hate when reading becomes a chore! It doesn't happen too often but there are some books I wish I had the cajones to DNF them :)

    Everyone I've visited so far has the same con about "time". I so totally agree - I don't know I didn't list that. Probably because I'm such an inconsistent blogger and I'm always telling myself, "it's just a hobby" :D

  5. Need to remember to have fun with it, as sometimes it really can seem like a chore. Great list!

  6. Love reading books before the release too! Especially if it is part of a series I have been waiting on.