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Day 9: Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

It's Day 9 of Parajunkee’s New Year Challenge. Events I hope to attend. I highly doubt I'll end up attending any of these this year anyway, but I hope one year I will be able to.

Day 9: Cons/Events I Hope to Attend


RT BookLovers Convention

BEA Bloggers Conference

Authors After Dark


  1. Authors After Dark is one I'd love to attend someday but it's kind of one of those that'll the be icing on the cake. I have to get my feet wet and I want to break my husband in first on one that will be totally worth it :) I had totally forgot about that one, tho!!!

  2. Ooo, where is RT this year? I had a blast with my sister in law during RT in the Teen Alley. Sadly, we couldn't stay for any events. Hope you enjoy all your cons!

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  3. Would love to attend Authors After Dark and RT some day! Have fun!

  4. I don't think I'll be able to attend any of those for a while but I do love when you guys cover it