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Day 8: Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

It's Day 8 of Parajunkee’s New Year Challenge. So, now I get to share with you Favorite Blogger Moment. These are not from 2013, but as a whole, b/c I was very absent in 2013.

Day 8: Your Favorite Blogger Moment

I would have to say since I've been blogging, I love all of the chances to meet some of my besties through the blogging community and also through Goodreads.

And just chat it up on Twitter about the funniest and crazy book related stuff. I seriously need to meet some of these awesome cookies in real life or something! Why can't we live closer! Damn! and able to even meet authors in real life too!

I swear it is the most exciting thing in the world to meet authors who wrote some of your all time favorite books, have them sign your book, and be able to take pictures with them! I loved it!


  1. I totally agree. It's thrilling to meet authors and even more wonderful to make friends through the blogging community.

  2. It's always awesome to meet authors and also fellow bloggers.

  3. I completely agree! I met one of my all time favourite authors and had her sign a book for me last summer and totally froze from happiness and excitement! My cousin laughed at me the whole way home.. Haha :)