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Day 7: Book Blogging New Year's Challenge

It's Day 7 of Parajunkee’s New Year Challenge. So, now I get to share with you all my Top 10 Book Blogger Pet Peeves. And let me tell you, it was hard to get to 10.

Day 7: Top 10 Book Blogger Pet Peeves


1. Comment Spam or Captcha

I hate comment spam. I don't get that much, but I still get spam every now and then on my old reviews. And don't get me started about Captcha. I despise it. I most likely won't comment on your blog if you have it.

2. Multiple Review Requests

I clearly state on my review request what genres I accept and which I don't. I do not accept self published work, they send requests anyways. And I got so fed up with the emails I stated I'm not accepting requests anymore, yet they keep on coming.

3. Follow Me request

I don't like getting someone comment on one of my reviews to follow there blog and say nothing about my review. That is basically just becomes spam. It's just so rude in my opinion.

4. Someone requests they have your ARC

Ocassionally on Goodreads I will get a message about it being cool I have an early copy of a favorite book and they request that they have it after I finish it. No, just no, Rude again. I get these in exchange for honest, well thought out reviews, not OMFG. it was awesome sentences on my review.

5. Someone requests you spill all the spoilers

So I have an ARC, and I finish, up pops an message on Goodreads and they request that they give me all the spoilers in the book. This really pissed me off the first time it happened. I'm not going to disrespect the author and the publisher that way for choosing me to review the book.

6. Someone bashes you and your review

So basically a crazy insane fangirl bashes you and your review because they loved the book and you didn't. They even went to state that I should not review anymore because I suck at it because I didn't like this one book and I must be crazy not to.

7. Too much crap on your blog

Sometimes I will visit a blog and they just have too much going on. There sidebar is jam-packed and they have some crazy font you can't read and the colors are colors that just should never be mixed together like ever.

8. Promo tweets/Message/Requests

I don't get that many author promotional tweets, you know, advertising there book, but on Goodreads I will have an author just friend me to read there book and promote it, they actually say that's the reason they are friending you. I make it a habit not to friend authors on Goodreads for that reason.

9. Meme posts

I think participating in memes are good for you first year of blogging, like I know I did like 4 or them I think, but after you get a little more known in the blogging community I think it's time to cut those 4 into 1 or 2 memes a week and add more of your own stuff/content. I like a creative blog design and content wise.

10. Generic comments

Please actually read my posts. I don't get this a lot now, but sometimes I will get just a, "Hey, Nice post or Great Choice" or something like that and then they leave a link to their blog. Put some actual effort into your comment to say something more thought out about the post or don't post at all.


  1. I state on my review policy that I'm not taking any review requests. Obviously this is not read by anyone! LOL. I should say something really weird and see if anyone notices. I've never had someone bash my review...yet!

  2. Wow, I've never had some of these problems, but I think that's more because I have a small blog so the only arcs I get are from tours or BEA, and the occasional book from a few contacts. I've never had someone have the balls to request I send them my copy of the arc when I'm done- but I have heard of that, or worse, begging. Even when I first starting blogging, I didn't think the bloggers that got arcs didn't have to work hard to establish their blogs first. It's awful behavior, like whining on Twitter and begging authors to send them their books... you know, because authors aren't trying to earn money from book sales.

    I completely agree about too much crap on a blog, or people with such a huge header that it requires scrolling down just to get to content.

    And you know I feel you on the CAPTCHA issue. If Captcha were a person, then I would be posting this comment from prison, because I would have murdered him.

  3. I agree with your pet peeves list Mariya! Meme posts and generic comments are on my list too. I think excessive meme posts annoy me more than generic comments. With the posts, I've taken the time to follow a person so I don't want to see all of their memes constantly appearing on my feed!

    Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with 2-6. Here's hoping I won't have to in the future either!