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TV Review: Outlander 1X03: The Way Out

Another week for OUTLANDER and I am so excited. I want the next episode ASAP. This was a week for character and relationship developments. And learning just how deadly and brutal punishments were back then for just little things.

Brutal and Severe Punishments!

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So for this week on Outlander I didn't like it as much as the first two episodes, because I felt like not much was going on. We got to see Claire to work doing her nursing and healing stuff and Colum's butt. And we really got to see the brutal side of things back in the 1700's. There are punishments if you do wrong and it's no light punishment like today in the world. A kid has stole something and got his ear nailed to a stake wood. I had to hide my face. That is just so brutal. I guess it's better than losing your hand, but not by much. And also with being a woman certain men look down on you. Ugh. I hate those types of men.


More Relationship Developments

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We have more than enough, well maybe not, cute Jamie and Claire moments. I loved when Claire was teasing Jamie for catching him kissing Laoghaire. And the gazing at each other while Claire looked at Jamie's wound. And Jamie pulling out the nail on the boy, because Claire asked him to. By the end of the episode we hear of a tale of ones crossing though the stones and did make it back home. Now Claire is more determined than every to cross the stones again and get back home to Frank.


And alas, My favorite Jamie moments...


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  1. As a fan of the books, this episode set up some good plot points with the Priest and with Laoghaire. I liked the flashbacks of Frank--nice addition.

  2. I completely forgot to mention the Frank flashback. I really liked that flashback scene! Was really nicely done. The priest did press some of my buttons. Like Claire had said. He rather the child die than her save him.

  3. Okay, so two of my friends basically talked me into Outlander. I'm listening on audio, following on my iPad, and I have a print copy! I'm also watching it every week. I love everything about the show and Ohmygosh, the way Jamie and Claire look at each other!

  4. I'm in the middle of reading it now, I have some problems but still like it somewhat, but I love the tv show. So cute when he always see Jamie sneaking a glance at Claire. =)))

  5. Yeah not much happens because she's laying the foundation for Jamie and Claire as a couple. I'm loving that they have great chemistry. And yeah her friend knows that Claire isn't from here.

  6. Yeah. I love they chemistry between them. And I too, was getting the vibe Claire's friend, who's name I can't remember is knows more than she lets on. =))

  7. This is my all time favorite book series, so I ordered Starz just to see it! lol. I liked when she was teasing him over kissing Laoghaire too, it was just like the book! :)

  8. I have HBO, but not Starz, so I have to get it on a Starz video website online to catch it. So mad it wasn't on Amazon Instant Video. In every episode there seems to always be cute Jamie and Claire scenes. Yah! I loved them playing footsies. Hehe. =)))