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TV Review: Outlander 1X02: Castle Leoch

This has been the longest two weeks of my life, waiting for the second episode of OUTLANDER. And I have to tell you that it was just as good if not more than the first episode.

Back we are to Castle Leouch!

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Claire and the gang make it to Castle Louche and right away Claire realizes that she must blend in with this time to be able to survive it and make it back home in her time and she is very determined. The Lord of the Castle, Colum lets her know she can leave in 5 days time where she plans to go back to the stones. But Claire makes some mistakes along the way where Dougal and Colum are very suspicious of her and know Claire is hiding something.


Learning how to survive 1743...

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In this episode we really get to see how everything works in this time with the rules, work, and how much work it is for a lady to get dressed. Thank god all I have to worry about is a t-shirt and jeans now. We get to see Claire fix up Jamie a couple of time and develop more of a relationship with him. I have to say I do love how that is slowly developing.


A few emotional moments brought on...

    I did have a few tearful moments in this episode. The first was when Jamie asks about Claire's husband and she breaks down and says he is not alive and Jamie holds her. I loved that scene, I started tearing up and I loved how Jamie consoled her. This is my favorite scene in this episode, not just because of Jamie holding Claire but we get to see Jamie shirtless to. Yum!


An ending that left me feel for Claire

At the end of the episode Lord Colum changes his mind and does not let Claire leave and that makes me tear up and feel for her because I cannot even imagine being in a place and time where you are trapped and they won't let you leave. It made me feel incredibly angry and and sad for her. I'm glad when tv shows and actors are able to make me feel a certain emotion. It means they're doing a great job! I'm looking forward to episode 3 next!


  1. I loved the episode as well I think they did a wonderful job and they stayed very faithful to the book some of the lines were directly from the book.I can't wait until saturday

  2. Yes. I am really liking the tv series. =))

  3. Yes. I am really liking the tv series. =))