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TV Review: Outlander 1X01: Sassenach

I have had OUTLANDER on my TBR List for a while and I have heard everything that is awesomeness about the books. Though I had not yet started the book until about a week before OUTLANDER the Tv Series premiered. Once the promos and previews started releasing I knew I had to check it out. And guess what? It's awesomeness!


Frank & Claire = Boredom for now!

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The first episode was great. The first half of the episode focuses on Claire and Frank which I assumed that would be the focus. I am glad they gave Frank half the episode because once Claire leaves he gone. I did enjoy the little sex scenes. I felt like this when I read this part during the book, but the first half was boring as was Frank. It was hard for me to pay attention. One thing that I could do without is Claire's narration throughout the episode. I think it is needed because it's her story, but they had too much of it.


Jamie Alexander MacKenzie Fraser...

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For the second half of the episode things took off splendidly. I was so into the second half of the episode that I hated when it ended. Claire meets Jack Randall. And He.is.an.ASS. And then she runs into Dougall and she finally meets Jamie Fraser. I loved all the Jamie and Claire scenes. They were all perfect. And OMFG! That scottish accent. ♥swoon alert♥ When he jumped off that horse and went to Claire with him and all his hotness. Oh, god! I'm a fan 4LIFE!


An Amazing First Episode!

The episode leaves off at Claire and Jamie and gang arriving at Castle Leoch. As far as first episodes goes this was an excellent one and I really liked it. I really think this is going to become one of those series I obsess about. Everything about it was wonderful. The actors did a phenomenal job thus far. And I am really freaking super excited for the next episode. Next Saturday can't come soon enough!


And alas, My favorite Jamie moments...


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  1. We won't get episode 1 in Canada until August 24th. *cries* I've been prowling the internet for a site that'll let me watch it before, but so far no dice. :(

  2. Everyone that I have recommended/given the book to often says the first part of the book is slow and boring. I always push them to keep going...it gets better, I promise them. The show was kind of like that. I always found Frank and his spouting of history facts a bit dull. So it was fun to see pretty much everyone (except the Reverend) roll their eyes when he started spouting some useless fact. It was comforting to know that I'm not the only one annoyed with Frank!!

  3. Seriously?! That sucks! That's like at the end of the month. Hopefully some site pops up for you that works in Canada. I had remember you had gotten Bitten before us but we were only separated by a couple of says. Wish that could be the same for Outlander b/c you really need to watch it!!! =)

  4. Haha! I know. I hear that a lot too, even my Bookish friends say don't give up at the beginning. keep going! I didn't mind sitting through the beginning b/c I don't want to miss anything, but still to was a bit boring, and frank was to me. I was on my computer doing work during the beginning but still paying attention a bit. =)))

  5. I LOVED this first episode!! Unfortunately, that's all I've seen -- we don't have Starz channel yet. I'm debating on waiting for the DVD (but it's a long wait!!!), so I can watch all episoded at once!! Great review!! :-)

  6. That sucks you don't get it yet. Hope you can watch episode 2 soonish. It's just as great as the first episode. =)))

  7. I've heard it's awesome, I sooo want to see it!!