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TV Review: Outlander 1X05: Rent

This week on OUTLANDER I was pissed for Claire. I truly feel for this girl! Ugh! and cliffhanger! Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Full on Anger going on here!

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This episode of Outlander really pushed a lot of buttons. I found myself so incredibly pissed while watching. I was put off by the way Claire was treated in this episode that it sickened me. I wanna say, why even bring her with you on this trip then? I know that is how it was back then, women didn't really have a voice and all that, but it still sickens me. I mean when the red coats came at the end I just wanted Claire to shout that yes! I'm being held against my will!! That's how mad I was. And what Dougal did to Jamie! Fuck you, Dougal! So many sad and mad emotions going on.


Cliffhanger alert! Cliffhanger alert!

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And little comments I wanna make. Jamie's hair is longer!! I like it shorter much better and Claire looks so beautiful with her hair down. She needs to wear it down more often! The ending did end on a cliffhanger. Oh, the agony! But I am looking forward to the next episode, because we meet Jack Randall again. And I am looking forward to the confrontation between him and Claire again. And then after that, finally The Wedding Episode will be here! Yes! I'm so happy! Been looking forward to that since the beginning.

Can we please attack Dougal?


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  1. Ok but did you understand why he was using Jamie?? Um she's not any safer with the red coats lets think back to her introduction to this century. Finally we get some movement on the story. I can't wait for next week

  2. I get all that, why Dougal did it (that doesn't make it okay), but I still hated him for it. And I know she wouldn't be any safer with the red coats, but like I said that's how the episode had made me feel. When you feel for the heroine they make you feel certain emotions and make you feel made and angry for them. And that's why I said that I wanted her to say yes to the red coats. But thankfully we get more progress in the story for next week.

  3. First, I can't believe we're on episode five and there are only three left until next year. This is unacceptable. Second, as much as Dougal pisses me off, I do understand his passion and love for his country. But poor Jamie. And poor Claire. (And I think it's so cool that, as we're watching this show set 300 years ago the last time Scotland was a free nation, they're preparing to vote on becoming a free nation yet again. Chills, man. Chills.)

  4. Again, lalalala I can't hear you! Thanks for the heads up about the cliffe, but I tuned-out after than because Canada is still a couple of weeks behind the US which is no freaking fair. Plus, it airs on Sunday's from 10 to 11:30, so I usually PVR it & watch it on Monday's which sucks even more. Not only are we late, but we get a crappy time slot. URGH