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TV Review: Outlander 1X04: The Gathering

Ahhhhh! So sorry for the late review. Jeez. I didn't get to watch OUTLANDER til a few days ago and already the next episode comes out tomorrow.

Escape at all cost!

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For this week on Outlander there wasn't too much going on. We have Claire planning her escape and getting oh, so close to leaving again. We have The Gathering where many people are pledging themselves to Colum. Dougal's drunken kiss. The hunt where out big boys go hunt a boar. And at the end the games. Yea. It looks like hardcore hockey to me. And the horror, barely any Jamie. He didn't show up til halfway through the episode. Disappointed. This probably would be my least favorite episode of them all, but it was still pretty good. Maybe I'll like tomorrow episode much better.


More Jamie? “Je suis prest.”


credit to gifs: henricavyll


  1. Lalalalala I can't HEAR you!! Canada is 3 weeks behind on Outlander episodes, so I'll have to come back to this post at the end of September. Even though I have read all of the books, I still want it to be a surprise. LOL

  2. I've only had the chance to watch episode one, but I'm making room in my schedule to catch up!! I can't put Jamie on the back burner too long ;)

  3. Haha! Hurry and Catch up!!! Make time go faster! Haha!!

  4. Yes! Do catch up. Well at least you get to watch a good number of episodes all in a row. =)