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Teaser: Burned by Karen Marie Moning; Tease 2

Burned by Karen Marie Moning; Teaser 2
Featuring: Mac & Barrons


I admire the animal grace with which he enters the room and moves toward me. He prefers dark colors, the better to slide in and out of the night, or a room, unnoticed except for whatever he’s left behind that you may or may not discover for some time, like, say a tattoo on the back of one’s skull.

“What are you doing?”

“Reading,” I say nonchalantly, rubbing the tattoo on the back of my skull. I angle the volume so he can’t see the cover. If he sees what I’m reading, he’ll know I’m looking for something. If he realizes how bad it’s gotten, and what I’m thinking about doing, he’ll try to stop me.

He circles behind me, looks over my shoulder at the thick vellum of the ancient manuscript. “In the first tongue?”

“Is that what it is?” I feign innocence.

He knows precisely which cells in my body are innocent and which are thoroughly corrupted. He’s responsible for most of the corrupted ones. One corner of his mouth ticks up and I see the glint of beast behind his eyes, a feral crimson backlight, bloodstaining the whites.

It turns me on. Barrons makes me feel violently, electrically sexual and alive. I’d march into hell beside him.

But I will not let him march into hell beside me. And there’s no doubt that’s where I’m going.



  1. Why the long wait?! They should publish this now!

  2. Girl! When I seen the Mac & Barrons teasers all hell broke loose for me! I"m pissed now that the release date changed and is farther away! UGH! I didn't like Iced that much, but since this one will have some of Mac's POV I am absolutely thrilled! I"ll die before Burned comes out! HAHA!