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Teaser: Burned by Karen Marie Moning; Tease 3

Burned by Karen Marie Moning; Teaser 3
Featuring: Mac & Barrons


I thought I was strong, a heroine. I thought I was the victor. The enemy got inside my head and tried to seduce me with lies.

It’s easy to walk away from lies.

Power is another thing.

Temptation isn’t a sin that you triumph over once, completely and then you’re free. Temptation slips into bed with you each night and helps you say your prayers. It wakes you in the morning with a friendly cup of coffee, and knows exactly how you take it.

He skirts the Chesterfield sofa and stands over me. “Looking for something, Ms. Lane?”

I’m eye level with his belt but that’s not where my gaze gets stuck and suddenly my mouth is so dry I can hardly swallow and I know I’m going to want to. I’m Pri-ya for this man. I hate it. I love it. I can’t escape it.

I reach for his belt buckle. The manuscript slides from my lap, forgotten. Along with everything else but this moment, this man. “I just found it,” I tell him.



  1. Oh God, these teasers! They are killing me! Thank you!!

  2. Good teaser..but, isn't this book about Dani? Can we have teasers with Dani and Ryodan please?

  3. Ha! Thankfully this book is not just about Dani, (Mac's POV is in there too) thank god. I know many fans are split down this middle. I, for one am not a Dani fan and it's refreshing to get a Mac/Barrons teaser since for Iced we got nothing but Dani teasers. But teasers 1-3 is supposedly suppose to be one whole excerpt.

    I'm sure there will be more by the time the book comes out. Those were just the first run of the teasers.