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Review: Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

Title:  Twice Tempted
Author:  Jeaniene Frost
Series:  Night Prince, #2
Publisher:  Avon
Release Date:  March 26, 2012
Pages:  360

Dating the Prince of Darkness has its challenges...

Leila's psychic abilities have been failing her, and now she isn't sure what the future holds. If that weren't enough, her lover, Vlad, has been acting distant. Though Leila is a mere mortal, she's also a modern woman who refuses to accept the cold shoulder treatment forever–especially from the darkly handsome vampire who still won't admit that he loves her.

Like choosing between eternal love and a loveless eternity...

Soon circumstances send Leila back to the carnival circuit, where tragedy strikes. And when she finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer who may be closer than she realizes, Leila must decide who to trust– the fiery vampire who arouses her passions like no other or the tortured knight who longs to be more than a friend? With danger stalking her every step of the way, all it takes is one wrong move to damn her for eternity.

“I never turned any of my previous lovers because I didn’t want them to feel how little I cared. You I loved, yet you left me because I wouldn’t verbalize my emotions. That will probably happen again, but if you could feel what you mean to me, Leila” —his voice deepened— “words wouldn’t matter.”

I absolutely LOVED Twice Tempted. I loved it even more than the first in the Night Prince Series, Once Burned. I think I just liked the plot more this time and I enjoyed it 10X MORE!. I am at this point wishing Mencheres & Spade had a second book! You'll quickly become addicted to Vlad and totally glad that you are!

“Vlad made a sound too harsh to be a growl. "You won't be satisfied until you've brought me to my knees, is that it?" "Why not?" It shot out of me with all the recklessness of my still-broken heart. "You brought me to mine.”

Vlad was amazing as usual and I just love that man! I love my Alpha men the most for the most swoon worthy quotes the sputter from their mouths and I seen Vlad in a different light in this book. He truly shows that he ultimately cares and loves Leila. I was like so what if those three little words don't pop out of Vlad's mouth, how can she not know that he loves and cares for her. I believe actions can show you better than words sometimes. But I understand Leila wanting more.

I let out a scoff. “I’m not trying to fight his enemies for him.” “In his eyes you are, and worse, you’re ready to die to do it.”

Leila mostly annoyed me in this book and I think she did a little bit in the last book as well, I just can't remember. She's human and she puts herself in danger all the time. There were few times where she could've avoided the danger, but she does it anyway. I know it the way of many heroines, but it just bothered me more with her. Maybe because she seemed so needy and stubborn at times that I kind of became fed up with it all.

“You’ve never had angry sex. I’m about to show you what you’ve been missing.”

Vlad and Leila as a couple, OMFG! Spark Fly! I loved everything! Things happened in TWICE TEMPTED that I didn't even think were going to happen in this book or possibly not at all. Leila being kidnapped again? Ooooohhhh! BIG SHOCKER! I mean, really! She was kidnapped?! GASP! Vlad offered Leila a lot of things in this book that should make her feel like his queen! And we got to see Vlad and his reasoning for the one thing Leila wants from his lips.

“Fourteen hundred and thirty-one.” I blinked. “What’s that?” “The year I was born, which is not, as you’ll note, yesterday.” I stifled a groan. Busted already.

TWICE TEMPTED ended like out of nowhere and I really think that is something Jeaniene Frost NEEDS to work on. Her endings of her books. Possibly include an Epilogue, I don't know. It was like where's the rest?! Anyway, I'm happy because at the end includes an excerpt for the next Cat and Bones book, SQWEEEEEE! And I'm freaking excited!

“Yeah, well, Bones and I had a couple months of relative quiet. Guess it’s time to liven things up again.”

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Review: Biting Cold by Chloe Neill

Title:  Biting Cold
Author:  Chloe Neill
Series:  Chicagoland Vampires, #6
Publisher:  NAL
Release Date:  August 7, 2012
Pages:  337

Turned into a vampire against her will, twenty-eight-year-old Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago’s vampire underground, where she learned there was more to supernaturals than met the eye—and more supernaturals than the public ever imagined.And not all the secrets she learned were for sharing—among humans or inhumans.

Now Merit is on the hunt, charging across the stark American Midwest, tailing a rogue supernatural intent on stealing an ancient artifact that could unleash catastrophic evil on the world. But Merit is also the prey. An enemy of Chicagoland is hunting her, and he’ll stop at nothing to get the book for himself. No mercy allowed.

No rules apply. No lives spared. The race is on.

"And what about Ethan?"
Jeff chuckled. "I just figured he was your backup for me."
Of course he did. "Good night Jeff."

BITING COLD was so freaking amazing that I was so completely stunned. First off, the last Chicagoland Vampire book, would probaly be my least favorite, so I was a tad bit nervous for the newest installment, but Chloe Neill did it! She BLEW THIS ONE OUTTA THE PARK! This installment definitely had the feel of the earlier Chicagoland Vampires books and I was so happy to be blown away! If you have read Drink Deep you now know that Ethan is back and now all us readers don't have to suffer anymore without or stubborn and incrediably sexy, Master Vampire, Ethan Sullivan. Oh, Ethan, how I missed you!

"He does have a lot of willpower." "That is an understatement, " I agreed, "Tall, blonde, and stubborn."

At the start of BITING COLD, Ethan and Merit are on a road trip to stop Mallory before she causes the end of the world. I thought the Mallory stuff would last longer and I didn't and I"m glad Neil didn't spend too much time on that. It wasn't a bad thing for the Mallory stuff to end quickly, because something so much bigger happens that made my jaw drop to the ground. And that is Seth Tate! We get the whole scoop on Seth Tate and Oh. my. god. SUCH A FREAKING AMAZING PART OF THE STORY!!! Let's just say that BITING COLD felt very EPIC!

"She is a car," Paige reminded him. "And he is a man, " I said, pointing her toward the door. "Let's not dig too deeply into it."

Merit was amazing as ever! She will always be an absolute favorite heroine of mine. I love that she is very normal and that she acts like I do about food and chocolate! It's funny! And we really do see how far she has come. It's hard to believe that all six books cover only a year. A lot of stuff has happened in a year for her. Merit's BFF has turned to the dark side and with Mallory finally coming to terms with what she had become, I am so glad Merit didn't baby her and wasn't quick to forgive her. I'm glad that Merit was very strong willed in my opinion that I can't trust her. The Mallory she knew wouldn't of put her loved ones and innocent people in danger. I haven't even forgiven Mallory yet!

Girl, you're the Sentinel of this House, and you've been trained by Catcher and Luc and Ethan. He's in the training room right now. Get down there and kick his ass!

I love you, Ethan, but damn you! Why must you torture me like this! Ethan is.... I'M NOT SAYING ANYTHING! But man, oh, man! I wanted Merit to kick his ass, but I guess I got that! So I'm satisfied! Ethan had a lot to deal with. He is back and things are a bit different. There are some side affects of Mallory bringing him back and he needs to deal with that. I am so glad to have Ethan back though. The previous book felt so empty without him. I feel like the Chicagoland Vampires Series is FINALLY BACK!

"We have survived for more than a century as Cadogan vampires, and whatever else happens in Chicago or the world beyond, we will remain as Cadogan vampires."

Of course, while all the shit is going down, Darius is back in town and there is consquence, for the, "The GP can Fuck you" line! Which was totally deserve. The GP is not happy, but neither are the Cadogen vampires. There is a chance the House could become houseless. and Cadogen House could turn into The GP's enemies! RIDICULOUS! Not that I need to say that, but the GP is acting stupid, the whole shit with the GP was stupid and I"m looking forward to seeing the next course of action that will take place with this stuff! And I hope it all ends well for Cadogan House.

"Jeff was a hero--- and he carried me out just like one."
He chuckled. "I'd tell him you said that, but you calling him a hero may cause more trouble than it's worth."

I got to see a lot of my favorite side characters! Catcher, Jeff, Gabriel, and Jonah! All my hunnies! All my hot hunnies! I missed them all! Catcher's still grieving about the Mallory situation, Gabriel made an appearence with Jeff. Jonah was so left out! I only got a second of him and needed more. Morgan wasn't such a spoiled little child this time around! SHOCKER! Oh! Oh! And Jeff was totally Merit's knight and shinning armor! My favorite side character is Jeff this time around! Oh, man! Jeff! Yeah! You're hot shit! And we all know it! Okay! Okay! All in all! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I loved it , really really loved it! The ending made me scream I WANT MORE! I can't get enough of this series! And I can't wait for the next installment, House Rules, coming February 2013!

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Feature & Follow: Biggest Emotional Scene

Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee’s View & Alison Can Read.

The goal is to increase blog followers and make friends. Basically how it works is you follow them, they follow you. Win. Win. So looking forward to making new blogging friends & following blogs!

Q: Tell us about the most emotional scene you've ever read in a book - and how did you react?

My I've read quite a few emotional scenes in books before, so I'm debating which emotional scene in which book hit me the hardest. Two books really hit me the hardest. But my winner would be Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill, at the end when *beep*beepethan died*beepbeep*

I was a mess! I had to put the book down like 8 times and when I picked it  back up again, back came the tear works! I feel when you're so connecting to characters in a book, you can't help it! The big no no. I'll never read that book in public again! Really bad idea!

Runner ups for Big Emotional Scene:
Sin Undone by Larissa Ione & Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer!


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Review: Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Title:  Once Burned
Author:  Jeaniene Frost
Series:  Night Prince, #1
Publisher:  Avon
Release Date:  June 26, 2012
Pages:  346

She's a mortal with dark powers...

After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come: terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude...until creatures of the night kidnap her, forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world's most infamous vampire...

He's the Prince of Night...

Vlad Tepesh inspired the greatest vampire legend of all—but whatever you do, don't call him Dracula. Vlad's ability to control fire makes him one of the most feared vampires in existence, but his enemies have found a new weapon against him—a beautiful mortal with powers to match his own. When Vlad and Leila meet, however, passion ignites between them, threatening to consume them both. It will take everything that they are to stop an enemy intent on bringing them down in flames.

"You're hot, big deal," I shot back, refusing to let his knowledge of my most intimate thoughts daunt me. "I'm attracted to a lot of hot guys. If Chris Hemsworth were here, I'd light him up like a firecracker with his fast I'd jump on him."

I feel like I have been waiting for ONCE BURNED forever. I mean this is Vlad's book, so it's a MUST that it just has to be out of this world amazing, right? We first met Vlad in the Night Huntress Series and it was instant love from there on out! Unfortunately, Vlad's book didn't hold up to my expectations too much! Don't get me wrong it was still great, but I was hoping it would be as great if not better than the first Night Huntress book, have the same vibe, but it wasn't.

“Why would I seek to break your heart?”
“Because you can be a merciless bastard at times,” I answered honestly.
A smile flitted across his lips. “True, but I want you with me.”

I liked Lelia as the heroine! She has had a hard life and has had heartbreak time and time again. She had this accident a long time ago and now and cannot really touch anyone because anyone who comes within contact of her she can electrocute them with her touch. And if she touches an object she is able to read/see the person's past. Which I believe is called psychometry. Leila is not as bad-ass as Cat is of course, but in her attitude she is. She is very strong-willed too, which I love. There were parts where I wanted her to give in to Vlad so bad!

“I can give you honesty, monogamy, and more passion than you can stand, but not love. That emotion died in me long ago, as I suspect you already know.”

I loved Vlad! How could I not! Vlad is very alpha to me and I Just love it! I especially loved his scenes with Lelia! They were so cute together! I couldn't get enough. Vlad is ruthless and can sometimes be cruel which Leila has a big problem with, but I think he is perfect for her! I did feel with ONCE BURNED something to Vlad was missing that caused me to not like the book that much and I think it was that sarcastic attitude Vlad has every time Bones shows up and makes you laugh, that was it! I missed that! And it felt like a big missing piece! I felt like my favorite part was when Bones showed up because we got that!

I loved the first half of the book and I think it was because we were meeting everyone and we get to watch Vlad trying to seduce Leila and I think I Just liked it when they were stuck in Vlad's castle in Romania! The second half of the book was very flat for me. I was bored. I kept putting down the book. I really think that I had such high expectations for ONCE BURNED that it fell flat for me. I still liked the book, I just didn't love as much as I felt I should've.

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Review: Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Title:  Bared to You
Author:  Sylvia Day
Series:  Crossfire, #1
Publisher:  Penguin
Release Date:  May 24, 2012
Pages:  362


Our journey began in fire...

Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness—beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily...

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds... and desires.


"I'm losing my mind without you.” His lips were gliding down my neck, his tongue stroking over my racing pulse. He sucked on my skin and pleasure radiated through me. “I can’t think. I can’t work or sleep. My body aches for you. I can make you want me again. Let me try.”

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I can't tell you all how impressed I am. I mean, there are no words! BARED TO YOU was one of the best erotic romances I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I am already dying for the second book! I seriously cannot stop thinking about this book! All I can say is I am so glad that I picked up this book!

"That's what scares me, Gideon. You don’t know what you’re worth.” “Actually, I do. Twelve bill—” “Shut up.”

Eva Tramell moves to NYC starting a new stop and getting started on her career and lives close to her mother and rich step father. And she is roomates with her best friend Cary, who is gay. They both have very traumatic pasts, but they have a great friendship and love to have fun and all that stuff! Of course, Eva meets our hot and sexy, Gideon Cross soon after and she is instantly attracted to this uber hot bussinessman. IT becomes known that he actually owns the building that she is working in. It becomes a trouble to resist him.

“Why? Why would you do that?”
"You have your way of dealing with jealousy and I have mine.

Gideon Cross is my everything! I love that man! I may just have a thing for rich bussiness men. They may make me a little hot. Especially when he says the most swoon worthy things. He is extremely charming and addictive. Very Highly addictive, I may add. I swear I wish I was Eva! She is so freaking lucky to have such a man! Eva has so many doubts and worries and at times I wanted to shake sense into her that COME ON, HE IS SO PERFECT! But I understand her in a way too.

“I can let you in, Eva. I’m trying. But your first response when I screw up is to run away. You do it every time and I can’t stand feeling like any moment I’m going to do or say something wrong and you’re going to bolt.”

Eva has gone through something so terrifying and she is still healing and it doesn't help that her mother is breathing down her neck all the time. Eva has gone to wanting Gideon, to having him, to having insecruties, and to the point of trusting him with her past, but she is still scared inside too and things need to go one step at a time. But I loved reading how their relationship developed and it got to me emotionally.

He nuzzled my breasts. “When you’re not with me, I feel—Don’t run anymore, Eva. I can’t take it.” He pulled me up to stand in front of him, keeping his cock in me until the soles of my heels touched the hardwood floor. “Come home with me now.”

Gideon has a past too and we don't find out too much about it, because he is not willing to spill the deets yet. But hopefully soon! Gideon Cross is so alpha it makes all us fangirls scream for more! They challenge each other in a way and Gideon is the glue he does not give up on her, ever! He wants Eva, so he is going to have her and that is the kind of male I like for my heroines, one like this! They are so good for each other.

"I have one one type: Eva Lauren Tramell. That’s it.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay. Whatever.”

The sex scenes were absolutely perfect! I have no complains! They were hot! I mean man, oh man! I wanted more! Good thing I bookmarked those chapters. I think it makes an even more difference that these two characters are a little damaged with troubling pasts that they are still dealing with. It makes their moments so much sweeter and emotional. And you will just have to read the book to get the full on experience. BARED TO YOU was just so amazing and one of the best reads of the year for me! I will most definitely be re-reading this and I highly recommend it for all you romance junkies.

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Review: Deadly Descendant by Jenna Black

Title:  Deadly Descendant
Author:  Jenna Black
Series:  Descendants, #2
Publisher:  Pocket
Release Date:  April 24, 2012
Pages:  355

An ancient evil is unleashed in the modern world— unless one fearless P.I. can hunt it down. . . . Nikki Glass, Immortal Huntress, returns in this new novel in the acclaimed series by Jenna Black.

As a living descendant of Artemis the Huntress, private investigator Nikki Glass knows how to track someone down. But when an Oracle shows up, warning the Descendants about wild dog attacks in Washington, D.C., Nikki is afraid it might be a trap. The Olympians believe the “dogs” are really jackals, controlled by a blood-crazed descendant of the Egyptian death-god Anubis.

Whatever. . . . If Nikki hopes to muzzle Dogboy, she’s got to catch him in the act. But when she stakes out a local cemetery, she ends up face-to-snout with a snarling pack of shadow-jackals whose bite is worse than their bark. These hellhounds are deadly—even for an immortal like Nikki. “Dog” spelled backward may be “god,” but that won’t stop Nikki from teaching these old gods some new tricks. Like playing dead.

"He was beautiful and exotic and dangerous, all of which made him sexy as sin."

DEADLY DESCENDANT was absolutely AMAZING! For the life of me, I just could not put this book down. I couldn't until I flipped to the last page and STILL, I WANTED MORE! The Nikki Glass Series is one of my favorite new Urban Fantasy series and I am impressed at how much I am crazy for this series!

DEADLY DESCENDANT picks up right where Dark Descendant left off. Nikki is adjusting to life an immortal and learning more about it. This this thrilling sequel there is a serial killer out and about killing innocent people which actually turns out to be a death god descendant that is able to control a pack of jackals to do his killing for him and they turn out to be very lethal.

I moved to the other side of the room, Anderson following me. There’s no reason to be nervous around him, I told myself. He was still the same guy he’d been before I learned his secret.

Nikki seems to be quite terrified after the little revelation of Anderson in the previous book so things are a little awkward between them for a little bit. But I love Anderson and Nikki's friendship. It seems more like a father/daughter relationship so far. I know there are those who want them to be together-together and part of me wants to see if that will actually happen, but I don't know how I feel about that right now, but we'll see. But I love the relationship between them.

Even Emma didn’t know, and I doubted her finding out the truth would make their marriage any smoother. What Anderson saw in her—other than beauty—was beyond me.

Nikki found Anderson's wife, Emma at the end of Dark Descendant and she has just been through a major trauma. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought since this was Anderson's wife, she was going to be this sweet little flower and be another girl in the house that Nikki could grow a friendship with. BOY, WAS I WRONG!

Finding Emma was supposed to have cemented my position within Anderson’s Liberi. It was supposed to be the proof of my sincerity, the proof that I was not a secret Olympian spy.

And it might ultimately turn out to be my downfall instead.

Emma is a little bitch! That caught me totally off guard. Threatening Nikki, being a bitch to everyone, possibly sacrificing innocents for her own selfishness? She is a manipulative little bitch. I mean, how can Anderson love a woman like this and why won't he open his eyes to what she has become? By the end I was happy what happened. I hope Anderson will come to learn that the Emma like he knew is gone.

Oh. My. God. I’d thought I was hot before. But that oh-so-tangible evidence of Jamaal’s desire seemed to set my very nerves on fire.

Nikki and Jamaal! I know there were some concerns from Dark Descendant because of all the shit that happened between Nikki and Jamaal, but it's a work in progress people! I don't have a doubt in my mind that they make each other better, that they are slowly strengthening each other. Both Jamaal and Nikki have had a bad past which I loved learning about and hopefully more will be revealed in future books. We had some pretty steamy scenes between these too and OMFG! THAT WAS SOOOO HOT! All I will say is, Jenna Black, please, I beg of you, I WANT MORE!

I’d been attracted to Jamaal practically from the first moment I’d laid eyes on him.

Overall, DEADLY DESCENDANT was simply amazing! I one concern would probably be that some characters were more centered in the book than others, so I felt like something was missing, but like I said it was simply amazing. I cannot wait for the next book in the series and I hope time flies by fast so I can get my greedy little hands on it!

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